Hudson Skips

A common sight on many narrow gauge railways, a couple of our Hudson skips have a small claim to fame, as they were once used in the Zorin mine scenes from the James Bond movie: “A view to a kill”.

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Hudson skips (ex Norden Clay mine)

A total of four large skip wagons, purchased from Hollycombe, these were originally used for transporting ball clay at the Norden mines near Swanage.

3 of these reside in the Woodyard, while the fourth has been derusted, deholed and painted at the OKLR.


RNAD Dean Hill stock

Bogie Log wagon

Acquired by the Rustic timber group in 2016 from Amberley Chalk pits Museam, this was originally built as a cotton wagon for use on the Gezera Scheme project in Sudan. since arriving, it has been re-purposed into a timber bolster.

Ex RAF Chilmark