177639 – “Sandrock”-12HP

Status – Operational


This locomotive was delivered new, in 1936, to the County Borough of Derby to work in connection with the construction of a by-pass at Spondon. It was later moved to a sewage works nearby where it stayed until it was preserved in 1979.

She spent many years at various preservation sites in the Manchester area, until 1994, when she was moved to her new home at Tilford.

181820 – “Red Dwarf”-16-20HP

Status – Operational

001 (2)

Built in 1936, this loco worked for most of its industrial life for the Severn Trent Water Authority, and was used in connection with the upkeep of the tidal defences on the Severn Estuary in the Gloucester area.

The locomotive was purchased in January 1994 from a private preservation site in Wales and has since been fitted with a replica cab built to an original Ruston design.

392117 – “Norden”

Status – Operational – (Loaned to Purbeck Mineral Mining Museam)

Built in 1956, this is the biggest internal combustion locomotive on the line. It was supplied new to a contractor for building the additional tunnels at Hadley Wood for British Railways when the East Coast main Line from Kings Cross was quadrupled.

The locomotive subsequently worked at the Norden clay mines near Corfe Castle in Dorset before passing into preservation at the “Hampshire Narrow Gauge Group”.

In September of 1992 the loco was purchased for use on the Old Kiln Light Railway

497760 – 40/48 DLG

RH-497760 was built in 1963 and started life working at the Silver Dale Colliery in Newcastle Upon Lyme. After a number moves to different collieries around Manchester and Staffordshire, a private buyer bought the locomotive in 1992 and has now made the long journey from Worcestershire to Surrey.