Status – Operational



FH.2528 was built by F.C Hibberd and Co Ltd at their Park Royal Corporation works.  The 20HP locomotive was ordered by War Department’s assistant director of fortifications and works and was supplied in December of 1941 during World War Two. It is believed to have worked at the Ministry of Defence depot at Liphook, before being sold to Streeters of Godalming Ltd, a Civil Engineering contractor. It spent most of it’s time in Streeter’s yard, occasionally working construction contracts on temporarily laid rails. In 1974 it was brought to the Wey Valley Light Railway (WVLR) in Farnham, where it was a staple operational member of the fleet. Following closure of the WVLR in 1982 it moved to it’s current home at the OKLR.

2528 is a type 39 Hibberd Planet, nicknamed the “orenstein koppel” type due to close similarities in drive mechanisms. From over 150 of the class manufactured, it is one of approximately 10 survivors of the class in preservation and is believed to be the only survivor with a National 2D engine as fitted to the earlier locomotives (later models feature Lister JP2 and Perkins P3 engines). 2528 was manufactured without a cab and electrics, however both of these have been retrofitted in preservation. Whilst having a relatively short wheel base (2’8″), it weighs 2 3/4 Tones and is geared for two speeds; low speed providing 3.5 mph and a tractive effort of 1375 lbs, high speed providing 8 mph and a tractive effort of 775 lbs. The cab was removed in 2021.