The Old Liln light railway is a small voluntary group in Surrey, dedicated to preserving, maintaining and displaying; items of narrow gauge industrial railway heritage.

The track gauge is 2foot, with a line length of about 1/2 of a mile, with 3 main stations and a yard-halt for the workshops, along with a branch siding to the heritage timber yard within the museum.

The railway group is separate from the Rural Life Living Museum, in which it is located, all our funding is through separate fares and dontations from visitors, which is all ploughed back into the railway to help preserve and maintain our line for others to enjoy.

Steam Locomotives

The best atmosphere for any journey, our trio of steam locomotives have some interesting histories and will be in use for the more popular events of the year!*

Internal Combustion Locomotives

The bulk of our fleet, a selection of privately and group owned examples, dating from 1929 to the 1970’s, each with their own story.*


We cater for all weathers with both open air and enclosed coaches.*


All our locomotives once worked in less glamorous roles, we have a examples of several types of wagons used in various industries.



*all stock is subject to availability